Dear Photoshop,

‘All of me loves all of you,
All your curves and all your edges,
All your perfect imperfections.’

I know quoting John Legend is crazy, but isn’t that love?
Every time I commence a conversation with you,
You always remind me of all the people involved in your creation.
And I can never thank them enough for the magic you brought into my life.

You’re so naïve and humble with nothing to hide,
I love how one click displays your history on the panel beside.
A swoosh of gradient, dissolve and blend,
You make my posters look like
Coco Chanel.

All the times we’ve been out together,
On the laziest of days with the best of weather,
I never knew you would accept it, hanging out with vector shapes,
And never thought you’d be cool with double dates.

Messing with your hardness topped with a higher degree of space.
What was I expecting?
Photoshop, my love, that dotted line your brush allows me to do,
makes me so happy I toyed with your settings.

Your interface loaded with Fifty Shades of Grey,
Makes me want to hold you and paste in place.

Awe-striking indeed, how you just help me chop out plates
In chalked out shapes that I do not like, you Marquee Queen.
It’s been a wild and extraordinary run, in the 4 years that has been.

I love how you let me unravel all your incredible layers in the sizes I choose for you,
Though the best rests when I press Alt and click on your eye,
Viewing you layer by layer,
One at a time.

In a relationship like ours, it’s easy to feel lost and lose sight of the long term goal.
Thank you for the Bird’s Eye View,
where I hold H, click and zoom.

You’ve merged pieces of me and my work; Made me a whole.

Your shadows and strokes,
Curves and modes,
Oh how’d I play with them till late.
I love how you know my chores by heart,
Recording my mundane actions,
Patiently processing them all day.

Photoshop you beautiful thing?
Why didn’t you whisper about Ctrl+Shift+T?

Repetitive transformations for each layer of yours,
While falling in love with you simultaneously.

Editing little notes I write to you has never been easier after Ctrl + Enter,
The brilliant quick shift to shortcuts,
Flying with me – that darkening burn,
Never will I delete your cropped pixels hereafter,
I assure you now that door is shut.

Even square brackets that I’d never use,
here with your hand they’ve become my muse.

I was going through our snapshots the other day,
And spotted all the mistakes I made.
Yet you always let me retrace my steps, and get back unfazed.

Remember the time my Dad walked in on us and Shift+Ctrl+F4 came to my rescue?
Closing a million open pages in a shot.

Or I would have been barbequed.
The time you met my friends through Acrobat, and they loved you too!
I’m sorry Photoshop for all the times, I’ve shut you down all of a sudden,
For unforeseen reasons, each time waiting for you to recover,
like nothing ever happened.

You glorious possession, as delightful as hot chocolate fudge.
Always better, enhanced by Smudge,
When you’re around, nothing else seems to excite me,
Not the handsome him or the gorgeous her.
Time doesn’t tick with my each click,
With you my world comes to a Blur.

Yours truly,
Ekshikaa S





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