Praxis of Flow. Did you know? That Praxis was the Klingon moon which produced the majority of their power? Yup, it was that. Well, the Klingons had a sort of imperial style- this, a proposal for a new architecture in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has a much more organic and flowing form. It is a…

 …A morphological study that emphasizes circulating forces and an extended field of movement. It is designed by dynamically simulating self-organizing biological systems. Simultaneously, selective decision making is used to sculpt innate yet deliberate spatial relationships and formal qualities. At its pure essence, this project is an infrastructural system that acts as link-up for many formal architectural systems.

 In Praxis of Flow, by Melody Rees, forms transform into roadways, interstitial space, and landscaping. These paths of transport blend and meld into the lines of structure, creating a truly intertwined architecture. Building elements are unique yet ‘a-part-of’ the overall- they grow out of the single form to become their own, yet they are an ecological extension of the whole.



 Courtesy of Melody Rees

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