Pointillisme | Jorge Ayala + Alessio Erioli

We are assisting the disambiguation between arts – rapidly and vivaciously, the frontiers between architecture, painting, dancing or fashion have become so blurred that novelty in one field equals novelty in another. The collaboration between Jorge Ayala of [Ay]Architecture and Alessio Erioli is an advocate of this formal renewal through transcendence between arts, emerged from four different directions. The first paradigm they approached is the architecture one – since architecture is “historically connected to other disciplines” and it is harder to change and to impose new rules in this area, it was only natural that architects would start using their knowledge in other areas of the arts. Fashion is the second pawn of the concept. It is an area with a high level of freedom in which it is easy to insert a new approach, due to the small scale. It is also the most popular way of getting people in touch with new technology and aesthetics. The collection is named Pointillisme, after the painting style born in France represented by artists such as Seurat and Signac. This style was the original starting point for the aesthetic concept of the collaboration. The last conceptual element was coding, the language used to bring the concept to life. The final result is a visual surprise, consisting in dotted patterns which are “the result of a behavioral process unfolding in space and time” instead of simple dots following images. It is a manifesto towards the digital power and the means in which it influences contemporary art and lifestyle. By:Lidia Ratoi

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