Playground in Berlin | Marysol Kraviez & Wu Difeng

Marysol Kraviez shared with us his project for the Master Studio under the tutorship of Sandra Manninger & Matias del Campo at DIA (Dessau Institute of Architecture). The Project is for Playground in Berlin and it was selected to be exhibited in the Parametric Biennal in Beijing.

In this project, our objective is to create a space that dramatically affect the peoples’ perception, and implies another logic where there is no ONE fixed point. It is a rhizomatic way of thinking.

We parametrically created two shapes in this project, the first shape with a surface articulation progressing from bumps to tentacles in a dynamic, soft and gradual way. Then, this shape is affected by another rhizomatic one, creating a relation of tension between those two shapes and the ground, between the tentacles and the existing surroundings, and generally between the tentacles themselves.

By creating these rhizomatic tentacles that are flooding, going, coming, and turning around. we wanted to “blur” the inhabitants perception, once you are inside of this space you loose the predictable idea of distance and proportions. The light appears in unexpected ways and the geometry affects your soul.

© Marysol Kraviez & Wu Difeng

People can then interact with the different elements of the design in different possibilities, also they can rediscover the other through the geometeries, and rediscovering a playful way of interaction. Additionally one can rediscover an interaction between oneself and the city, seeing from the inside of the the shell, or the tentacles, or above them to a higher point of view.


Designers : Marysol Kraviez – Wu Difeng
Advisers: Sandra Manninger & Matias del Campo
Dessau Institute of Architecture

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