As part of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary, the Petersen Automotive Museum is seeking an overhaul of its façade as well as the interiors in an aim to attract more auto enthusiasts.

Courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

The renovation will extend to the exposition of the museum as well. The permanent collection will be upgraded and expanded providing a wide range of fresh collections for visitors all year round. Historical and ground-breaking collections will be included, covering the latest in fuel tech automobiles and Hollywood classics.

Courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

The architects KPF design an overall second skin made of steel in the form of wavy stripes that drape all round the building. Three sides are covered with this sculpture in addition to the roof, the stripes allow for viewing the interior façade clad in red. This kind of opposition between the bright shiny steel of the exterior face and the interior bright red depict somewhat the design of an automobile. From the renders, the museum will be lit from the interior at night reinforcing the presence of the sculptural façade.

In going through with the renovation, the interiors will as well receive a face lift, with galleries featuring state-of-the-art lighting, digital displays and innovative learning stations that communicate the story of the machine that revolutionized 20th century transport. In all around 15000 square feet of display space will be added to the museum.

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