atztudio‘s design for a new performing arts school in the ȃEl Ravalȃ district of Barcelona, Spain is inspiring in its simple yet dense and organic system of cladding. The architects, who state,

‘A performing arts school should express innovation, creativity, and technology. There fore, the project is designed and analyzed using new digital tools that help us understand new ways of approaching architecture. The incorporation of these technologies in the field of architecture, have made this an act that is flexible, dynamic, multiple, and constantly changeable, providing new opportunities for formal and spatial production’

 constructed the building as a main structure plus an outer skin of cells. These cells are created with inspiration from biology, such as vascular systems in plants and animal. Five variations, ranging in densities were created and used to form a hyper-articulated surface, which was in turn analyzed, using Ecotect software, for levels of solar radiation. The data from this analysis was then used with a script to vary the overall density of the surface according to solar levels, by varying the density of the individual cells population an area.





Courtesy of atztudio

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