Paper Cutting | Nahoko Kojima

Paper Cutting Nahoko Kojima

Tons of major art forms use paper as a primary component, but Japanese paper artist Nahoko Kojima takes paper art to the extreme with her murals. Kojima is most famous as a professional paper cut artist for her 3D Cloud Leopard piece featured at Saatchi Collect this passing May.These intricate murals are hand cut by Kojima with only a scalpel to create elaborate sculptures of animals, nature, textures and other interesting entities. Kojima has mentioned that to keep precision, she has to change blades on her scalpel every three minutes. These sculptures are forged from a single sheet of paper into both 2D and 3D pieces.

Courtesy of  Nahoko Kojima

Kojima is currently living in London as she works on her newest and most ambitious piece: Byaku, a life-sized cutout of a swimming polar bear from a single sheet of white Washi paper. Projects like Byaku can take almost a half a year to fully complete, but Byaku will be unveiled at the Jerwood Space in London next month. You van view all of Kojima’s magnificent works on Colossal,, Hifructose, and Beautiful Decay. Be sure to check next month to see the unveiling of Byaku.
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