Street Art Hopare

When the details dislove in the complexity and illusion takes over. When you lose trace of the path of the line twisting with the other lines forming a big mixture of colored routes. Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare is a Paris-based growing figure of the street art scene. He discovered street art when he was around 12 years old while coming across an old factory covered with graffiti. He then started his very first illegal graffiti.

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Courtesy of Hopare

His drawing starts with a portrait and ends up with a bunch of lines mixing together forming a  a great piece of art. These drawing are drawn on Cergy Street walls in France by Hopare. According to Streetartbio, “Hopare’s creations are all designed out of a perfect geometry, in a graphic abstract style. Often featuring faces at the core of his works, the artist utilizes variations of straight lines going from parallel to interlaced ones. This complex pattern of lines gives nothing but an intense dynamics to his artwork, set up in a pure but strong movement. Hopare’s inspiration generally comes from his own environment but also his numerous travels. The faces you can see are inspired by meetings, the floral or architectural designs come from striking places the artist visited and the emotions felt are represented with straight lines and a palette of bright colors. The purpose of his murals are to catch the attention but above all to build a connection with the passersby. When you see one of his mural, you have no choice but to feel drawn in Hopare’s world and be transported.”

Arch2o-Outstanding- Street Art  Hopare  (3)

Courtesy of Hopare

He has the ability to give a spatial quality with sparing colors creating artistic walls in the space that leaves a great impact on the people. Street art always express feelings and convey messages through visual experience. It adds meaning to the space giving it a fourth emotional dimension. The colors with the line language both add to the space.

Arch2o-Outstanding- Street Art  Hopare  (4)

Courtesy of Hopare

By Rehab Ayman

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