Named after the Italian word for ‘Ribbon’ , the Nastro collection by Andromeda Murano features colorful yet timeless and elegant pieces. These chandeliers  act as not only sources of light but also as sculptural elements than can brighten up both contemporary and classic interior settings.

Arch2o-Original design pendant lamp  Andromeda Murano (8)

 Courtesy of Andromeda Murano

These glass pieces are hand blown in the company’s Venice workshop by master craftsmen giving each piece a unique identity.The name of the collection itself alludes to their beautiful curling forms which look like a bunch of ribbons waiting to unravel. The glass  helps in better diffusion and the pieces seems to glow. The high complexity in arrangement and the subsequent variation of texture gives them a very fragile visual quality. They come in various metallic colors and shapes like circular, pointed,gig and baguette shaped.

Arch2o-Original design pendant lamp  Andromeda Murano (10)

 Courtesy of Andromeda Murano

They are manufactured under the brand name Andromeda International, and are also available as brackets, pendant lights and wall  mounts.

By Akansha Gupta

 Courtesy of Andromeda Murano

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