Oasis House | Esquadra Arquitetos + Yi Arquitetos

Oasis House designed by Esquadra Arquitetos + Yi Arquitetos, Situated in a 27,000 sqm lot, within a small gated community of 8 lots, this project has the premise of striking a balance between integrating the neighborhood and the maintenance of the dwellers’ privacy. For this reason, a courtyard connects the 3 blocks that constitute the plan. To the east, the bedrooms; to the west the BBQ grill, to the north the living room, and to the south the courtyard, which opens itself to the cerrado forest, a green area of another 2.500 sqm.

photography by © Joana França

Once within the house, a different priority is evident, which can be seen in the interaction between the different. The living room is opened to the swimming pool; the swimming pool is integrated into the BBQ area, and the BBQ area is connected to the kitchen. From the private lounge of the bedrooms, one can proceed to the courtyard, from where he/she can interact with the mezzanine’s veranda. In the courtyard no longer the elements of the building are important, but the environment created by the lack of such elements.
Thus, the common living area is defined as a refuge, a living area, versus the street as a place for observation.

photography by © Joana França

Project Info:
Architects: Esquadra ArquitetosYi Arquitetos
Location: SMPW, Brazil
Authors: Filipe Monte Serrat, Camilo de Lannoy
Team: Manuela Dantas, Silvana Moraes, Carolina Dumay
Area: 700.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Joana França
Manufacturers: Maxim`s, By Silva, Arquivo Contemporâneo, Biancogres, Light Design
Project Name: Oasis House

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