Not Guilty Restaurant designed by Ippolito Fleitz in Zurich is a warm and opened space, with an interior décor, which illustrates the restaurants theme, the theme of nature and its relation to health living.

Arch2o-Not-Guilty-Ippolito-Fleitz-02 (2)

Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz

The Swiss chain of not guilty restaurants embodies the honest and nutritious value of foods. This imaginatively shows in the preparation of the many different salads and snacks they produce. The restaurant also emanates the philosophy of a “little heaven in Earth”, that is expressed in its interior inspiring the delight in the harmony of nature.

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Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz

This elongated open plan restaurant welcomes its visitors with tones and textures of natural Oakwood mixed with delicate whites and pastel tones, portraying the natural essence inside. The salad bar at the entrance becomes the main focal point, giving the visitors a chance to meet and greet, while choosing from the colorful palette presented to them.

Arch2o-Not-Guilty-Ippolito-Fleitz-02 (11)

Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz

The glazed frontage allows those on the external to be invited in, by the nature themed décor. With the restaurant being so elongated, the designer kept the central circulation flow fairly light allowing for ease of movement through out the space, and to allow those on the external to have an indication on the activity inside.

Arch2o-Not-Guilty-Ippolito-Fleitz-02 (13)

Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz

As you move through out the space the types of seating changes, to accommodate different individuals taste, subconsciously representing the idea of how nature changes over time. The amount of detail poured into the design of the space, is evident from the twisted bands on the ceiling representing clouds. This completes the theme of nature, with oak flooring representing the earth to the ceiling being the clouds above.

By  Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz

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