This interesting new proposal for a mosque in the Iranian city of Tehran has been designed by CAAT Architecture Studio, plus Mahdi Kamboozia and Rasha Kiani. Following the strong Islamic tradition of abstracted forms and design, the mosque offers a thoroughly contemporary feel and an interesting reinterpretation of an ancient and traditional typology. Below is a more descriptive text from the architects:

Arch2o Mosque Amir Al-Momenin  CAAT Architecture Studio - 2

Courtesy of  CAAT Architecture Studio

In exploring the context of the project in Tehran, the project unveiled one of the basic aspects of Iranian architecture as “hierarchy” in quality of space and organization. This way of layering spaces that makes sequences of conquering the space can be traced in different older buildings, especially in religious buildings. The contemporary metropolitan urban block with high density where the mosque is located, and the region that mosque works within, guided the design team to a new perspective that shaped the proposal in relevance to traditional and modern life style.

 Arch2o Mosque Amir Al-Momenin  CAAT Architecture Studio - 4

Courtesy of  CAAT Architecture Studio

Inside, the limitation of site borders and neighbors, formation of the mosque in regard to the function requisites of this type of building, like praying hall and lateral activities, separated access and spaces for men and women etc. The local architectures of northern Tehran, led to the merging of elements of the mosque, such as minaret, porch, yard and dome in a way that recreated totally new spaces. The project related to the environment through the variety of climates in each season, and different view angels and transparency depending on environmental and interior light.

Courtesy of  CAAT Architecture Studio

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