Poised on its site like an ultra-contemporary, faceted wasp, is the proposal by Tom Wiscombe Design for the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art in China. The main volume of the MoCA/PE lies situated within a massive main body which culminates in a large cantilevered roof overhanging a glassed-in atrium space. This glassed space acts as an environmental buffer zone, offering climate control through convective currents created in conjuncture with ground-source heat pumps and radiant floors.

Arch2o-MoCAPE-Tom Wiscombe Design (2)

Courtesy of Tom Wiscombe Design

The overall layout is meant as a subtle mirroring of the L-shaped YAH which situates adjacent the site. This move creates the possibility for an expansive Garden Plaza, partially covered, which acts as a point of meeting and entry to the interior. Pedestrian walkways connect this point of access with surrounding structures already in existence such as the Central Library and the YAH. The space within this plaza steps downward, creating a specific locale while remaining permeable and accessible to all who approach. Here one can find gift and bookshops as well as cafes to offer respites from the bustle of the surrounding city.

Arch2o-MoCAPE-Tom Wiscombe Design (6)

Courtesy of Tom Wiscombe Design

Within the main, L-shaped volume of the MoCA/PE the exhibition spaces are located in an open-plan setup along four loft-like levels. Featuring high ceiling heights and the aforementioned open plans, these spaces are versatile, able to be changed easily for new exhibitions without headache. In support of these galleries, one finds administrative offices, the PE Library, and a restaurant also contained within the walls of this museum/destination point.

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