Everyone has seen them, milk crates, those square interlocking boxes used to transport products to different establishments. They’ve been made out of wood, stainless steel, and out of plastic. So what makes these items so desirable? It’s probably because of its wide range of uses, and being the perfect size to store records.

© Stefan Lie

Now I don’t know how many people use milk crates to store records anymore, but that doesn’t mean milk creates have lost their potential for reuse. The Milk Crate Club Lounge (MCCL) takes 20 perfectly dimensioned crates and stacks them together to form a lounge and then covers them with recycled billboard vinyl. This playful homage to milk crates shows us how objects, given a little thought and imagination, can to go beyond their intended function and can be made into so much more.

© Stefan Lie

Approximate dimensions: 1200mm x 90mm x 700mm (W x D x H)
Materials: Recycled polypropylene, recycled billboard vinyl, urethane foam

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