The New york city-based firm, FREE, have recently won a design competition of the ‘miami chapel’, the concept is really stunning and beautiful, the chapel is designed based on the flowing pleated fabric gown of religious figure the Lady of Guadalupe. The building boasts natural ventilation and day lighting, while showing a billowing concrete structure with an undulating skirt of 27 clearly defined pleats. Inside the building, small sanctuaries will be framed within these pleats, each containing an effigy of one of the other 27 Latin American virgins.

Courtesy of FREE

We preferred to open the proposal to other Latin American cultures as well, having represented all the 27 Latin American virgins. The tall structure stands out from its context. the funneled form adds acoustical benefits, dramatizing the ecumenical atmosphere.  Additional functions include an ambulatory, confessionals and community service are within the basement level. In the back, reserved areas for priests and personnel for sacristy, preparation and changing rooms, offices, small library and working spaces.” said the architects


Courtesy of FREE

  • Arq. Tulio Diaz

    Que buenos diseño

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