Mexican government sponsored Mural | German Crew

Mexican government sponsored Mural | German Crew
Art has been a medium that connects people and impacts their life. It has the power to govern the transition in the thinking as well as lifestyle of a community, country and sometimes whole world. Mexican government decided to use this power of art to instill peace and harmony in the violent city of Palmitas, in Pachuca district by connecting their homes through a mural design.

Mexico has been well known for its murals and creativity displayed through it. Government of Mexico commissioned German Crew, a group of local street artists well known for their murals. They decided to paint 208 houses as a part of a same mural thus connecting them and bringing a feeling to unity and belongingness in people of Palmitas town.

Earlier, the town was known for violence among youth but this project gave them a focus point thus eradicating any negative feelings and making them depend on each other thus acting as a community redevelopment program.

German Crew painted the facade of a small community situated on a hill into a rainbow colored mural while hosting numerous programs throughout its duration. This resulted in people coming closer and acting as a team thus instilling the virtues of team spirit and trust.

The mural encompassed an area of 20,000 square meter, 450 families and around 1800 people thus acting as a transitioning medium for the the good of the community. Another good aspect of this project is that the people will continue to work as a community to maintain the sanctity of this gift that might attract tourists thus providing them a new source of income thereby improving their lifestyle.
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