“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
The story you are about to read is about TIM ZHILIN. Deep within these lines lays the secret of what sets a legend apart from all other occupants of the world. Here it goes:
Once upon all-time, three groups of people occupy Gods world: The “glass-half-full” people, the “glass-half-empty” people, and the “drink-it-if-you-are-thirsty” people.
So, the “glass-half-full” people wait around for the perfect time to live.
The “glass-half-empty” people cry and moan about everything; nothing and no time is ever good enough for them to live.
But, somewhere in the hood, there lives the “drink-it-if-you-are-thirsty” people who take everything in good faith. If you give them a glass filled halfway with water, they drink up if they are thirsty, and if they are not thirsty, life goes on.
Such is the case of Tim Zhilin, an artist whose work has come to be known and loved by connoisseurs, lovers (and even haters) of arts. Yes, even haters, as beautiful art is such a hard thing to hate upon.
In an interview with published on October the 16th, 2015 by KooZArch, Tim Zhilin expounded on issues regarding his source of inspiration, his arts, and his love for Architecture.



A verbatim report of an interview with Tim Zhilin as documented and published on October the 16th, 2015, by  KooZArch (A Visionary Platform of Architecture) reveals a bit about his work, and his passion.
In the interview, he attributes the source of his influence to a fall he had in his childhood.
His narration was thus “I fell and hurt my head. That was the first time I saw the stars. After that fall, I started to be into space. In school years I began to visit the Planetarium, because of my new interest. One day, in the Planetarium’s basement, there was an exhibition of Hans “Rüdi” Giger’s art. It was a bit dark, with a creepy atmosphere and because of the careless move, or an art surge I stubbed my head on the wall. And the puzzle was completed – stars on the top, moon landscape on the bottom and my fantasies in the middle!”



Zhilin considers his collage arts as the clay from which he creates those fantasies with a strong hope that one day, they will be perfect and make history.
A constant characteristic of his collage is architecture as the background or centerpiece (like in ‘Rain’). This is no wonder as Zhillin expresses his deep love for Architecture by describing his arts as an architectural orchestra “consisting of: 1st violin – Le Corbusier, 2nd violin – Yakov Chernikhov, alto – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, cello- Frank Gehry, harp – Zaha Hadid, flute – Antonio Gaudi, clarinet – Remment Koolhaas, French horn – MVRDV, trumpet – Coop Himmelblau, drums – Bernard Tschumi, bass – Peter Zumthor. It’s like an «All-Star Orchestra»!” says Zhilin.
However, he affirms that his works are original stating, “It’s more about the unfulfilled hopes!” as opposed to speculations about his «Welcome to Las Vegas» being related to Venturi’s work.

rain - courtesy TIM ZHILIN

rain – courtesy TIM ZHILIN

What is in a fall? A reason for a lifetime of failure (“oh! I fell and hurt my head. Now, I am too scared to get out of bed”. Or “I fell and hurt my head so I best remain in bed to avoid future falls”) or, an inspiration for greatness (“I fell and hurt my head. That was the first time I saw the stars.)?
The answer to these questions is what makes Zhilins tale unique. It is what sets legends apart from all other citizens of the world.

remixing-the-mark-shagal - courtesy TIM ZHILIN

remixing-the-mark-shagal – courtesy TIM ZHILIN

See, the times have changed but the truth remains that life is whatever you can make from your everyday falls and rises. Life for the “drink-it-if-you-are-thirsty” people has the constant as that they all turn out to be legends by staying undeterred by happenstance, and making the dust from their fall into a masterpiece so cute that many people (endowed with the power to be more) aspire to become what they are.
I hope you find in this tale a firm dose of motivation that “takes up residence in your soul” and set you on the path to live a life of purpose.
Remember the words of William Shakespeare “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
by: D’zyna En


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