The American artist Bill FitzGibbons created a colorful lightened space turning the character of a dull railway station to a colorful entertaining one.

Arch2o-Lightrails  Bill -FitzGibbons  (3)

Courtesy of Bill FitzGibbons

The station is located at the 18th Street underpass in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. LED lights can be a tool used for shaping the space into colorful frames creating depth to the space leaving an impact of joy on the people.

Arch2o-Lightrails  Bill -FitzGibbons (5)

Courtesy of Bill FitzGibbons

Try to think of light as a 4rth dimension to space. It’s a visual and emotional dimension that could change the meaning of the space completely. Light creativity.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Bill FitzGibbons

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