Light Interventions Luzinterruptus

The anonymous artistic group Luzinterruptus operates out of Madrid, Spain, and has since 2008 been using colourful and interesting temporary light instillations to draw attention to various problems/ situations throughout the city. A quote off their website describes their works:


We began to act on the streets of Madrid at the end of 2008 with had the simple idea of focusing people´s attention by using light on problems that we found in the city and that seem to go unnoticed to the authorities and citizens. But everything that we do does not have a subversive aim. Sometimes we simply want to embellish, or to highlight anonymous places or corners that seem special or objects to which we think extraordinary artistic value, although they have been left on the streets for unknown seasons, with artistic intention, by anonymous people.

The works shown here are only a small number of their total number. More can be seen at or if you’re so inclined, they have a facebook page- but I don’t necessarily support the facebook, so I’m going to make you search for it rather than provide a link. Cheers!


Courtesy of Luzinterruptus

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