Light House Installation|SOFTlab

Put on your best dancing shoes and make your way to this ‘Light House’ interactive installation. SOFTlab was commissioned by Sonos – which has developed a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components – to design this light to spatial sound installation that would respond in real-time to the music played on Sonos components. This installation consists of a hanging grid of about 600 CFLs spaced a little apart from each other and also at varying heights from the ceiling in such a way that the central grid remains a little higher than its ends. Each of these CFLs are pre-programmed with custom built chips that utilize processed sound patterns flowing from Sonos components in order to rhythmically change their light quality. According to SOFTlab,”Although the piece is technically complex, the goal was to produce something that was visually simple. It is this simplicity that allowed us to use light as an architectural detail and the ability to focus on light, animation, and interaction as a building materials.” The beauty of this installation truly lies in the way light and sound fuse together to make a play on the cognitive senses.


By: Priyanka Shah

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