Roseline de Thélin is an artist who works with light as a medium and as a subject for over 15 years. She creates light sculptures and light installations that play with the epiphenomena of light: reflection, refraction, fragmentation, conduction and transparency. Roseline creates light art pieces and installations for public spaces and private homes internationally.

Arch2O Light Beings Roseline de Thelin-04

Courtesy of Katie Smith

Her latest holographic sculptures are a reflection on life, illusion and the evolution of mankind. This serie feature a family of light beings “the homos luminosos”, living in a parallel, timeless dimension. For this year’s Frequency Festival Roseline will present a lightscape installation composed of two fibre optic sculptures from the Homos Luminosos series.

Arch2O Light Beings Roseline de Thelin-02
Photo via: Frequency

Arch2O Light Beings Roseline de Thelin-01
Photo via: Art Observed

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