The Japanese Earthscape architectural studio introduce the “LaLaport Toyosu” project, an innovative strategy that regard the overall landscape as an ocean and the people who visit the zone as voyagers. This location was formerly a shipyard and this proposal was composed by reclaiming two old docks.

It is about an exclusive waiving ground that was compact with children and even though there was no appropriate play apparatus, the space was one in which people felt like unconsciously running around and playing. Earthscape architects add that “Considering the devices that create connection between humans and nature as design, they enact design works that become a platform for experience”.

Three waves of green, water and earth are stratified over the reclaimed land, with a cafe, radio station, and museum distributed throughout to several islands & white benches with foam and coral motifs floating above the waves.

Additionally, the entire vision of the landscape was to establish opportunities for a broad bundle of new lifestyle discoveries, a new rediscovery of Tokyo, and a diagnosis of new districts of leisure activities. The public travels willingly through the space, encountering new revelations and allowing their bodies be swept in the current.

By Depy Charalampidou

Courtesy of  Earthscape architectural studio

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