La Pointe | L’Abri

Designed by L’Abri, La Pointe is a ready-to-camp micro-shelter designed for the Poisson Blanc Regional Park located north of Ottawa. With its triangular geometry, the shelter offers a reinterpretation of the legendary A-frame popularized in North America in the 1950s. It was important for the designers to create a simple, almost sculptural structure that would provide functional and nature-oriented spaces. The small, off-the-grid building, capable of hosting two to four guests, was built on site by L’Abri’s construction team.

photography by © Ronny Lebrun

A trail leads to the micro-shelter located ten minutes by foot from the reception. The interior spaces are minimal and bathed in natural light. A kitchenette and a table converting into an extra bed occupy the first floor. An inclined ladder leads to the bed, suspended in the cathedral ceiling by steel rods. The focal point of the refuge is the large bay window that offers uninterrupted views of the forest and reservoir below. Leaning on the main volume, the covered terrace becomes the ideal place to continue to enjoy the outdoors when the temperature is less favorable.
Timeless, the steel roofing of the long roof is a nod to rural buildings from another era. The exterior cladding of natural cedar board and batten will take on a silvery hue over the years.

photography by © Jack Jérôme

Project Info:
Architects: L’Abri
Location: Parc du Poisson Blanc, Québec, Canada
Design Team: Francis Martel Labrecque, Francis Pelletier, Jérôme Codère
Area: 37.0 m2
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Jack Jérôme, Ronny Lebrun
Project Name: La Pointe
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