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The building is located on high ground in the district of Mervelet in Geneva. In a changing villa zone, the site retains the traces of a garden city dotted with houses and trees centenarians.

The skin of the building takes on several expressive shades depending on the use and the context. It reacts as a sensitive interface between the inhabitants and their lived and perceived environment. To the south and west, the staggered assembly of the prefabricated concrete modules produces an inhabited hive-like structure.

Photography by © Miguel de Guzmán

On the terraces, the stainless steel railings tilt and swivel gradually to draw a double-curved membrane that is differently understood according to the situation and daylight. This device guarantees both privacy and transparency.

The raw material agreement continues in the common areas: the floor is a sanded concrete screed, the walls are coated with cement and the ramp of the staircase is made of steel. The solid oak of the handrail and entrance doors introduces a domestic dimension and a nostalgic atmosphere in the apartments.

Photography by © Miguel de Guzmán

In the accommodations, the wide passage between the night part and the day part allows cross views and offers a new space allowing multiple uses. Side rooms, the spaces are characterized by the alternation of the windows all height and with lightening. The stays glazed over the entire width, are extended by large terraces, such as exterior living spaces that project into the surrounding trees and the great landscape.

These typological devices infuse the housing with the distinctive qualities of a family home surrounded by its garden. Thus, the building of 63 housing units of public utility is designed like a Building-Villas.

Photography by © Miguel de Guzmán

Project Info
Architects: NOMOS
Location: geneva, Switzerland
Client: SCHG
Year: 2015
Type: Residential
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