John Curtin School of Medical Research | Lyons Architecture

The newest addition to the Australian National University campus in Canberr is the amazing John Curtin School of Medical Research building, by Lyons Architecture. The building features a series of internal spaces that are connected with stairs and open atria aimed at promoting social exchange and fraternization, in addition to research laboratories, a 200 seat public lecture theater and ample amounts of public exterior spaces.

The exterior of the building is clad in steel and digitally rendered and fabricated panels that represent molecules on coded DNA strands, giving the form a strong sense of movement and orientation. These panels gradually reveal the inner-workings of the school as the viewer approaches the entrance. While inside, the flexibly designed laboratories accommodate small and large groups, allowing research to be undertaken in a variety of manners. office areas for independent analysis and support staff are located next to the labs, delivering an integrated and highly efficient workplace.

courtesy of lyons architecture
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