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planDesigned by Le Architects Studio, Unlike most Chinese secondary schools, which are planned and completed one at one time, jinhong middle school is a school that grows and changes over time.Because of this, the gymnasium does not have the same prominent position on campus as most schools. It is located in the southwest corner of the campus.

Photography by © elvin

The west side of the stadium is the wall, the north side, the east side and the south side are close to the existing buildings, only the northeast side is relatively open, facing a basketball court.Considering the limited land use and the relationship with the surrounding environment, the designer chose the implicit and restrained architectural form.The roads facing the north and the courses facing the northeast form a retreat platform and steps to respond to the surrounding spatial relationship and the flow of people.
The swimming pool on the first floor enters from the west hall. Because it is close to the teaching building, the entrance is located on the north and south sides of the hall. The side facing the teaching building is designed as a hollow brick wall looks like a mountains sketch.

Photography by © elvin

The basketball hall on the second floor enters from the northeast side of the big step. Because it is too close to the road, we have carried out a complex change and elevation design for the step, so that it not only conforms to the flow of people, but also becomes part of the space environment.
The first floor of the gymnasium is swimming pool and the second floor is basketball hall. Considering the energy saving of the building, the designer designed the swimming pool as a closed air-conditioned space. The basketball court on the second floor is a non-air-conditioned area, which forms a natural circulation of air through the curtain wall and the skylight.

Photography by © elvin

Building exterior wall USES the red brick, is generally used to jin hong school curtain wall part USES the thickening sunshine plate of large area, on the one hand make enter indoor sunshine more downy, prevent the basketball court with dazzle light, on the other hand, the sunshine board unique diffusing effect make construction unacceptable to the gloomy north facade presents bright and attractive.
According to the requirements of the school, interior design can save cost as much as possible and maintain less. We design with architectural materials and language, focusing on the beauty of architectural space and structure.


Project Info:
Architects: Le Architects Studio
Designers: Hongbo Li, Panjun Wang, Mingxing Xia
Location: China
Area: 5683.7 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: elvin
Manufacturers: 拜耳

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