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Jameel Arts Center

The Jameel Arts Centre Dubai (JAC) is an art center, artist residence, and creative enterprise incubator, located at the tip of Dubai’s Cultural Village, overlooking the Dubai Creek.This 4,150 m2 art center consist of galleries, artist studios, classrooms, incubator spaces and a restaurant. The JAC is dedicated to the display, promotion, and creation of the Middle East and North Africa art and its connection and potential to the wider global art movement.

photography by © Simon Whittle

Conceived as a series of boxes and bound together by a one story high colonnade, the JAC is an intimate place for experiencing and producing art. This is afforded by careful insertion of courtyards between the different boxes and the colonnade. These courtyards become spill out spaces for the users and visitors of the art center and offer a space of repose as one moves from one gallery to another. The colonnade also works as an active social space, charging the edge of the building with activities and enlivening the waterfront promenade.

photography by © Rory Gardiner

As each gallery is contained within a box of varying dimensions, it offers a flexible and rich curatorial potential – from a small intimate gallery for enjoying smaller works to large galleries with soaring height for large sculptures. The massing of the building, its spatiality, and its façade articulation draws from the rich architectural tradition of the region and yet interpreted with the simplicity, elegance, and intelligence that are synonymous with the work of Serie.

photography by © Mohamed Somji

Project Info
Architects: Serie Architects
Location: Dubai, UAE
Client: Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives
Status: Competition Win, March 2014, On site – Completion 2018
Engineering: Buro Happold
Landscape: Gross Max, Anouk Vogel
Cost Analysis: Gardiner & Theobald
Type: Arts Center

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