Gerry Judah designed an illustration of Jaguar type E in Goddwill festival of speed in 2011. It acts as a sculpture in the middle of the space made of steel tubes. The art here was to shape the tubes so that when they come together they shape the most beautiful car ever made as Enzo Ferrari described it.


Courtesy of Gerry Judah

The vertical position of the sculpture leaves a strong impact on the space and the viewer. When looking at the huge sculpture fom the front view, you could see a rythm of tubes white in color.

Arch2o (7)

Courtesy of Gerry Judah

It doesn’t seem to be a statue of a car, no details, just the form. It reminds me of a greek statue. However, when you look at the side and see the wheels, you see it is a statue of the Jaguar car.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Gerry Judah

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