Here’s a good one to sit back and contemplate. This bookend by the Hackney-based designer Paul Cocksedge is for all intents and purposes, an invisible bookend. The designer will only let on that it is composed of a free-standing metal object. How it works is for you to contemplate. Bend your mental powers towards it, can you glean it’s mechanism?

Arch2o-Invisible Bookend-Paul Cocksedge (1)

Courtesy of Paul Cocksedge

Motivated in its conception by the question of what drives consumers in their purchasing decisions, the bookend holds 1.5 meters worth of books at a gravity defying 30 ̊ from the normal. But what holds them there is conspicuously absent from the visual effect. Mr. Cocksedge states that, ‘The idea is it’s not about the object. It’s all about the fact there’s not anything interesting about the design, it’s just a great functional object.

Arch2o-Invisible Bookend-Paul Cocksedge (5)

Courtesy of Paul Cocksedge

I have in my head what I think is the answer- what’s your explanation? There is of course, a simple solution to the incessant wondering- one may purchase one of these mind-benders at for £50.

Courtesy of Paul Cocksedge

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