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Designed as a building which subtly folds over and into itself, the new Health & Sports Education Center for Kang-won University’s Choon-Chun Campus is to be both a forward-looking building for the University as well as an important outreach to the community which hosts it. Designed by Kang Chul-Hee and Idea Image Institute of Architects, the Center offers programmatic elements ranging from recreation and swimming pool, to professorial offices and classrooms. Below is afurther description provided by the architects.

Entering through multi-level entrances, the underground level houses daily sports programs for faculty, students and local residents while the ground level houses education facilities and classrooms. Main facilities, such as the swimming pool, gym, and exhibition hall are located on the second level, which can be accessed from the front plaza. Professor’s offices are on the third and fourth levels which are designed to face southeast considering their usage.

The consideration of nature and efficient maintenance promoted a green campus image. Using skylights and power windows provided the solution for swimming pool condensation and secured enough natural light for the stadium. Interesting space with attractive structure and a three dimensional deck vitalizes the sports facility. Sensuous and creative figures are expected to become Choon-Chun’s landmark.

“Endless Green Flow” is planned to be an environment friendly sports center, and it embodied an image of Mobius Strip, based on Kang-Won University’s ideology: Continuity and Eternity. It is expected to go beyond the idea of a mundane sports center, and as Kang-Won University’s vigorous and aspiring space, the center is to be a continuous sustainable design coexisting with nature.

Courtesy of Kang Chul-Hee and Idea Image Institute of Architects

By Matt Davis

Courtesy of Kang Chul-Hee + Idea Image Institute of Architects
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