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Grass Covered Home by Weichlbauer Ortis Architect

Here is another good example of a Sustainable and Environmentally friendly home with attractive architecture designed by Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects, the home displays a volumetric facade covered in a soft synthetic grass.  The main objective of the design is to provide a natural green scenery and friendly environment.

Although the house is having some parts that are odd but it really gives a special characteristic. Windows and doors are suspended horizontally in front of large windows to serve as handrails, fixtures placed on the facade in an almost improvised and seemingly out of context, while the Stairs lead to nothing. The concrete structure covered in greenery has vertical corner windows interrupted by another window placed horizontally, shaping a cantilevering railing. This green house is located in Frohnleiten, Austria, whereas the surrounding green scape participates in creating a picturesque surrounding to provide a different life sensation and a stunning visual concept.


Architect: Weichlbauer Ortis Architects

Photograph:Weichlbauer Ortis Architects

Courtesy Of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects
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