Graffiti Or Sculpture ? Shaka

There’s always a line between 2d and 3d you know… but some artists get mixed between both and that’s when the fun starts!  Looking at Shaka the French artist works you will be like wait a second.. Is this real or just a painting..

Arch2o-Graffiti Or Sculpture - Shaka  (1)

Courtesy of Shaka

the you say here’s  a shadow.. I think it’s a painting.. the you look again and you notice this hand that’s holding a spray coming out of the painting and you say NO.That’s definitely a sculpture. You can’t really decide visually. You will want to go there and touch it to see if it’s 2D or 3D.

Arch2o-Graffiti Or Sculpture - Shaka  (2)

Courtesy of Shaka

Shaka’s great work is an intersection of graffiti and sculpturing of human interactions on a canvas. The human figures are formed of small objects collected together that give the sense that it’s a sculpture thing. The artist was a little influenced by the works of Caravaggio, Arcimboldo, and Van Gogh.

Arch2o-Graffiti Or Sculpture - Shaka  (7)

Courtesy of Shaka

You can view his work at

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Shaka

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