A digital library was recently released by Google, comprising 3D items that were designed by the users.  The library aims to increase the popularity of augmented and virtual reality fields.

The digital library, dubbed ‘Poly’, is an open-source database that acts as a clip-art library which permits you to search for and download 3D images. The images vary in complexity from mere plants and animals to grand edifices and environments.

Courtesy of Google

The library is totally free, and its license lies under the umbrella of Creative Commons. Therefore, the library items can be used as one wishes in both augmented and virtual reality games, in addition to being used in design and architecture.

Courtesy of Google

Users are also welcome to upload their designed items to the digital library. However, at the beginning, Google appointed several designers to fill the library with 3D objects sufficient to launch the project. These items included dogs, dolphins, food, and a lot more. The objects were created by the integrated VR painting and sculpting applications from Google like Blocks and Tilt Brush.

Courtesy of Google

The 3D items have polygonal features. Google opted for that at the very beginning, since the simplicity of the designs makes them easily downloadable on Google Daydream VR platform.

The library objects can be downloaded on both computers and mobile phones. They can be used in applications like ARCore-from Google- or ARKit-from Apple.

Courtesy of Google

Additionally, the user can alter the 3D items and upload them once more to make a new list. However, Google ensures that the credit of the object will always be attributed to the first source.

Amateurs and new developers will benefit the most from Google’s library because the experienced designers tend to use the items they have designed on their own.

For architects, this digital library comprises 3D renderings of many towers, skyscrapers, and buildings, including the Colosseum. When you search for an item like ‘chair’, you will get moveable designs of different kinds of chairs like deck chairs or kitchen chairs. Moreover, you will get an object dubbed ‘That Expensive Chair’ which resembles, to a great extent, the Eames Lounge Chair.

Courtesy of Google

Google has been quite busy this month with many other technological releases like the mini camera, which utilizes facial identification technology to promptly capture high-quality photos. Furthermore, they released new headphones that come with an instant translation feature.

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