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Gongbei Port Inspection Office Building

The building is designed as a beacon, an iconic landmark that marks the whole area with its powerful presence. Inspired by a traditional Chinese Lantern, the design emphasizes the contrast the building will make against the gray and hard surroundings with its cheerful and lively glow.

Courtesy of 10 Design

This contrasting effect will make the building stand strong among its surroundings. A semi-transparent outer skin that formed by perforated metal pattern creates the main building expression and also forms a nice semi-interior space caused by the play between interior and exterior spaces.

Courtesy of 10 Design

Starting at an inner garden on the ground level, commercial area crawls up into the perforated metal shell, overlapping with each other creating balconies and accessible landscape on different levels of the building. The office area is located on the south side of the building, facilitating a direct connection from the immigration tower and also immigration area near the border.

Courtesy of 10 Design

Project Info
Architects: 10 Design
Location: Zhuhai, China
Status: Design Competition
Client: Huafa Group
Size: G.F.A. 45,000 sqm ; site area 8,000 sqm
Type: Office building

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