Goldfish Culture Riusuke Fukahori

Tediously painted, the Goldfish Culture paintings by Riusuke Fukahori take on a life of their own, representing a living sculpture frozen in time. The way this three-dimensional effect was produced is through the layering of paint and clear resin. As the artwork is built up, each brush stroke carefully captures the delicacy of a fish swimming through water, where their fins become effortless blurs of motion. There’s something peaceful about watching a fish swim, where the complexity of the motion is nearly lost due to its elegance. I believe that is an excellent way to describe the artworks by Riusuke Fukahori as well. We may not see each individual layer of paint and resin, but we do see the final result of his meticulous work and in my opinion is nothing short of amazing.

Courtesy of Riusuke Fukahori

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