M Rad, one of the many competitors for the International Design competition for city of Gold Coast Cultural Precinct has come up with an evocative proposal. Floated in October 2012, the city aimed to create a culturally iconic landscape to showcase the city’s creativity. The site is 11 hectares, centrally-located land at Evandale,with the Nerang River at one side and views to the Surfers Paradise skyline and Gold Coast hinterland.

Arch2o-Gold Coast Cultural Precinct  M-Rad Architecture (16)

Courtesy of M-Rad Architecture

The concept is derived from Australia’s aboriginal roots with circular layouts to allude to the campfire tradition, of storytelling and community. In elevation it reminds  of two waves on a indigenous plantscape symbolizing water culture.The entries are along the main axes, with the primary pedestrian entry on south west , which further opens into the Great Terrace and the Great Concourse.  This is further connected by concentric paths which allow internal circulation to the pavilions. The third set of circulation is designed for promenade is 1.5 km long, elevated at points of collision with vehicular traffic and wider at vantages places .

Arch2o-Gold Coast Cultural Precinct  M-Rad Architecture (19)

Courtesy of M-Rad Architecture

The Great terrace links the New Arts Museum and Living Arts Center in a shaded plaza, and through the concourse opens to an amphitheater with compelling views of the waters edge. This has area both for stage performance and also for large scale screenings through projection on LAC’s and NAM’s exterior. The canal is also well utilized with spaces where performances can be enjoyed in boats too. The museums and theatre lobbies have multiple entrances both offering views and increasing ventilation. During the day, the upper sculpture portions almost disappear due to the sun through its perforated facade. The Easterly point i.e. the tip of the island is left untouched, to provide a sense of solitude.


Courtesy of M-Rad Architecture

Flat slab construction with raft foundations is used in the basement, which in addition to reducing shoring and excavation costs also remove need for pile foundations. Double retaining wall perimeter takes care of water damage. The roof utilizes vaulted allowing long spans and cork screw type space frame trusses for curvature.

By Akansha Gupta

Courtesy of M-Rad Architecture

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