Geometrical Tattoos | Chaim Machlev

Harmonized, ornamented, individualized, and collaborated. Just a few of the many astonishing categories you will stumble upon seeing the geometrical tattoos at the DotsToLines website, the modest body-art workshop run by Chaim Machlev, an Israeli computer engineer who saw much more in tattooing than there is in his previous boring desk job. Most of Machlev’s masterpieces are geometrical visualizations of artistic harmonies and oriental ornaments, with collaborations of animals, natural elements, and sometimes even certain body parts. The vivid, complex geometry of the tattoos is a key element of the methodology, and innovation is pretty much as sustainable as the culture from which the designs are derived The tattoos are a combination of Machlev’s various expertise, ranging from computer science, to math, all the way to psychology, and his works are as molded with spirituality as they are forged with art.

Machlev remembers when he got his first tattoo in a recent interview with Total Tattoo Magazine saying “Something inside me suddenly opened up, it is hard to put into words, but something strong happened. It was the art, the pain, putting your trust into the hands of an artist… All of those elements mixed together.” His works reflect a great desire to pass this experience he once had to others, with the strong principle that they should fall in love with the result. His current Berlin-based workshop is one of the most closely followed workshops by tattoo lovers in the world, and his tattoos are being showcased in the most important magazines and graphic books in the world.

By: Hazem Raad
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