The FRAC houses regionally assembled public collections of contemporary art.
These collections are conserved, archived and presented to the public through on-site exhibitions and by loans to both galleries and museums. The North region project is located on the site of Dunkerque port in an old boat warehouse called Halle AP2. The Halle AP2 is a singular and symbolic object. Its internal volume is immense, bright, impressive. Its potential for uses is exceptional.
To implant the FRAC, as a catalyst for the new area, and also to keep the Halle in its entirety becomes the basic idea of our project.

Photography: Philippe Ruault

To achieve this concept, the project creates a double of the Halle, of the same dimension, attached to the existing building, on the side which faces the sea, and which contains the program of the FRAC.
The new building juxtaposes delicately without competing nor fading. The duplication is the attentive response to the identity of the Halle; Under a light and bioclimatic envelope, a prefabricated and efficient structure determines free, flexible and evolutionary platforms, with few constraints, fit the needs of the program.
The transparency of the skin allows seeing the background vision of the opaque volume of the artworks reserves.
The public footbridge (previously planned along the facade) which crosses the building becomes a covered street entering the Halle and the internal facade of the FRAC.

Photography: Philippe Ruault

The Halle AP2 will remain a completely available space, which can work either with the FRAC, an extension of its activities, (exceptional temporary exhibitions, creation of large-scale works, particular handlings) or independently to welcome public events (concert, fairs, shows, circus, sport) and which enriches the possibilities of the area.
The functioning of each of the buildings is separated or combined.
The architecture of the Halle and its current quality make sufficient minimal, targeted and limited interventions. Thanks to the optimization of the project, the budget allows the realization of the project and the setting up of conditions and equipment for the public use of the Halle AP2.

Ground Floor Plan

The project so creates an ambitious public resource, of flexible capacity, which allows work at several scales from everyday exhibitions to large-scale artistic events, of regional but also European and international resonance, which consolidates the redevelopment of the port of Dunkerque

Exploded Axonometric

Project Info:
Architects: Lacaton + Vassal
Location: DunkirkFrance
Architect in Charge: Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal
Design Team: Florian de Pous, chief project, Camille Gravellier, construction supervision, Yuko Ohashi
Area: 11129.0 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Philippe Ruault
Structural & Mechanical Engineering: Secotrap
Metal Structure: CESMA
Cost: 12 M Euros net
Fire Security Consultant: Vulcanéo
Client: Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

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