Who said that entertainment should be for children only? Don’t old people have the right to have fun too? Numen/ for use started a fun illustration that interacts with people acting as a trampoline.

Arch2o-net-blow-up-yokohama-by-numen-for-use (7)

Courtesy of Numen

“The net blow up” structure is made of recycled materials as tape and flexible o the movements of the player. Its recent display was seen in October 2013 on Yokohama waterfront.

Arch2o-net-blow-up-yokohama-by-numen-for-use (12)

Courtesy of Numen

In the night, it’s surrounded by a semi opaque fabric that shows the shadows of the jumping people. The idea of creating an entertaining space for people to use and in the same time using random materials triggers the idea of “fun sustainability” in my head.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Numen

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