Flower Canopy for Melissa Shoe Galllery|SOFTlab

It’s a garden…. It’s a field…. It’s a flower canopy! SOFTlab, a design studio based in New York city, has come up with this unique concept that demonstrates their combination of technology and craft through a flower canopy for Melissa shoe gallery of the new ‘We are Flowers’ collection. With the use of over 20,000 of these crafted translucent flowers, SOFTlab has created a hanging canopy structure that runs over the entire length of the shoe gallery.

Many SOFTlab creations/installations have been inspired by nature. And in this case, the vibrant colors of the flower canopy that at places drops down to greet the shoppers, being set against the white monotone of the shop, brings about the effect of a hanging garden. In order to realize this canopy, a Mylar net with over 4000 unique pieces was fabricated. Although cutting edge digital technology was used to develop this installation, SOFTlab hopes that ‘it will remain mostly hidden in order for everyone to experience the magic of a hanging garden of flowers.

the surface is engineered to hold its shape using custom laser cut mylar panels

BY: Priyanka Shah

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