What you see right here is the Ferrari F80 Raeli idea, created by Italian designerAdriano Raeli. Just like the Enzo and LaFerrari that it would follow, the F80 makes use of most of the identical design cues like a sharp nose and a long aggressive rear. A hypothetical 1,200 horsepower would come from this Prancing Pony, giving it a zero-sixty two mph time of solely 2.2 seconds, and a jaw-dropping high pace of 310 mph.


Though it is just a digital concept, Raeli’s vision for the futuristic Ferrari is actually stunning – consisting of fluid aerodynamics and minimalistic accents. This automotive is completely space-age, with extensive, swooping bodywork and an aggressively crouched stance reminiscent of something from an Issac Asimov story. The entire concept begun with paper sketches, moved rapidly into 3D rendering software program (Rhino 3d), and at last right into a clay model. Raeli event went as far along with his idea as to outline a unique hybrid system to energy the F80 – one thing both enthusiasts and environmentalists can agree on. The concept is actually a highway-legal F1 car, and the massive apertures between the wheels and body are the biggest visual cues of that.


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