VONDOM has decided to enter into the world of sunshade with Daybed, an elegant and comfortable sunbed with a double function for outdoor designed by the architect Ramón Esteve. The new Daybed is a portable pod that has wheels making it easy to move and change orientation as needed thinking about the sensation to have an ideal bed, for relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying in the open air, under a sunshade which protects from the harmful rays. More details from the architect come after the jump.

Arch2o-Lounge pavilion MS- (6)

Designed by Ramón Esteve

Daybed FAZ is part of the Faz outdoor furniture collection, manufactured by Vondom. The collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, is inspired by the mineral shapes we find in nature and each piece of the collection has a sculptural character.

Arch2o-Lounge pavilion MS- (2)

Designed by Ramón Esteve

Daybed Faz has a sound system with built-in speakers we can connect by Bluetooth to our mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, surrounding ourselves by sound while enjoying the sun or shade. Playing your favorite music or watching a movie with high sound quality due to its Dual component, becomes a new experience that moves away from the concept of furniture. The advanced devices of our daily lives are incorporated to the daybed’s polygonal shapes.

Its light top of translucent fabric uses a hydraulic system to open or close. The built-in wheels allow easy displacement and a 360 ° rotation to change the orientation as needed. The piece itself offers the opportunity of creating unique spaces due to its possibility of adding Led lighting activated by remote control.

Arch2o-Lounge pavilion MS- (10)

Designed by Ramón Esteve

By Danya

Designed by Ramón Esteve

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