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10 Fabulous Designs for Your Outdoor Fireplace

A cozy outdoor living room fitted with an eye-catching fireplace is all you need to relax after a tiring day at the stuffy office. The flickering flames of the outdoor fireplace establish a warm soothing ambiance, so you could lay back and enjoy the chit chat with your family and friends.
The apt design and installation of these outdoor focal points are important if you want to avoid pricey mistakes. Also, blending the fireplace to fit with the surroundings is vital, like choosing the right size and the appropriate style that go along well with the house’s architectural features.
Choosing the fueling system is equally crucial. Whether the fireplace is wood or gas-fueled, you can choose what suits you best. Whereas wood-fueled Outdoor Fireplace radiate a lot of heat, they are hard to start. On the contrary, gas-fueled ones are safer and easy to light, but they don’t emit as much heat.

You can check out the styles and designs of these fireplaces to see what best fits your yard.

1)  Double-sided fireplaces

Whether the day is sunny or rainy, this built-in fireplace serves a double purpose as you can sit in or out and enjoy the weather.

2) Paving Stones Fireplaces:

Stones used for paving patios and sideways could be used as a material for building a fireplace. The base is made of sand and gravel while the body is built from bricks stacked over one another in a random order.

3) Wooden-Deck Fireplace

The stone fireplace within this wooden deck can be the center point for large gatherings.

4)  Traditional Stone Fireplace

Picking modern furniture for this multi-purpose deck and topping it with this traditional stone fireplace creates a relaxing ambiance.

5)  Covered-Patio Fireplace

If you are thinking of having a covered patio to add to the living space of your house, then this fireplace is an excellent choice.

6)  Rustic Fireplace

People with a soft spot for blending wood and stone, check out this rustic fireplace.

7)  Three-sided fireplace

You can feel the heat radiating to every part of your yard with this three-sided stone fireplace.

8)  Rooftop Fireplace

Who said fireplaces are reserved only for yards and patios?! This one here is placed in a rooftop garden.

9)  Spanish Style Fireplaces

The combination of white paint and red-tiled roof give this Spanish-styled fireplace an absolutely magnificent appearance.

10) French-style Fireplaces

This adorned French-style fireplace, with its exuberant curves, goes nicely with cast iron furniture on the patio.
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