EFFEKT Designs Spiral Observation Tower and Treetop Walkway for Lush Danish Forest

Copenhagen-based architecture office EFFEKT designs a spiraling observation tower and a treetop walkway that overlook the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest in Haslev, south of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 45-meter-tall tower will be located amidst the lush greenery, creeks, and wetlands of the forest’s distinctive hilly landscape. It will be seamlessly connected to a 600-meter-long walkway which goes between the trees, providing a uniquely immersive experience for all visitors.

Courtesy of EFFEKT

The treetop walkway is split into two routes. The higher route passes through the older parts of the forest, while the lower route passes through the younger are where the tower is, also, located. The tower will be supported via a Corten steel lattice structure which shall have minimal impact on the surrounding natural landscape. Its hourglass shape is meant to provide extra stability as well as enhance the visitor experience by providing a broader observation deck.

The Treetop Experience will be a new addition to Camp Adventure which is an adventure sports facility that includes aerial zip lines and tree top climbing pathways that reach up to 25-meter-high.

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