The future of design is one where DIY is taking an ever-strengthening toehold. Paper and cardboard are used for virtually everything now days, whether as part of the actual product, the packaging, or the boxes used for shipping. A point could be made for calling it the height of design to not just throw these products of waste and plenty away, but instead find another use for them. It’s very easy to just throw things away, and surprisingly enough, firms like the Vienna-based mostlikely, are proving that its nearly as easy not to.

Arch2o Do-It-Your-Animal-Self Lampshades  mostlikely - 5

Courtesy of mostlikely

These animal-formed, foldable DIY lampshades come as a template rolled in a tube- complete with instructions for gluing and assembly. Any thrift store lamp stand+bulb can be used (the DIYer must provide this bit of the assembly) or one could continue the DIY and create one’s own. The templates can be bought on

Courtesy of mostlikely

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