The concept for the new Contemporary Art Museum seeks to create an iconic building on the riverfront promenade. We see the Puerto Madero district as a platform for a new urban redevelopment that reflects the latest tendencies in architectural design. We attract local and global public attention, not just for the museum itself, but for the whole area of the city, and ultimately the country.

Arch2o Contemporary Art Museum  DEDODESIGN - 2

Courtesy of DEDODESIGN

Our design does not reflect historical Argentinean Architecture; in fact it breaks away from ordinary structures. Our aim is to create a new spatial experience within the urban context. Public space is at the core of our vision. The building itself touches only 7% of the site, creating 2900 square meters of open, covered, and publicly accessible plaza that can be “occupied” and enjoyed by people.

Arch2o Contemporary Art Museum  DEDODESIGN - 3

Courtesy of DEDODESIGN

The building consists of 4 main exhibition spaces. Thanks to the circulation of the galleries, visitors can experience views of the riverfront in unexpected and engaging ways.

Courtesy of DEDODESIGN

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