Located in Abfaltersbach, Tyrol, Austria, the Community Center designed by Machné Architekten represents a focal point for the social activities of the town. The center is divided into three parts; auditorium, music rehearsal room, and town Hall to to give each part its optimal form, at the same time they are connected to  the entry to the foyer . The three huge inhabited sculptures dominate the site, while their form of carved stones casts interesting shadows on the facades and the ground. More about the project description comes from the architects after the jump.

Courtesy of Machné Architekten

The field and the stones

The new community centre consists of three main parts (auditorium, music rehearsal room, Town Hall) and the fire department. The individual functions are as large ‘boulders’ scattered on the site. These species were aligned along important edges (neighbouring houses) and sightlines. Those stones are connected by the foyer. The fire department serves as the basis of the ‘stones’. Through these separations of the building in the various areas the urban scale of the building fits very well into the existing structure. The spaces between the ‘stones’ provide glimpses such as the view to the church. The use of the site and the positioning of the town Hall on the street and the foyer to the north is creating two new squares.
The northern area of the building (foyer) goes over into the existing event space and in the south, a new place, which is flanked by the town hall and the fire department.

Courtesy of Machné Architekten

Internal Organization

By dividing the building into separate areas, it is possible to give each part its optimal form. For example, both the auditorium and music rehearsal rooms are polygonal, for acoustic requirements. At the same time, the shaping of the building as ‘stones’ generates exciting architectural spaces.’

Courtesy of Machné Architekten

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