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Colour Hostel Renovation

In recent years, the flood of home stay facilities around Beijing and the intense market competition has led to the emergence of a large number of “Moganshan” -like home stay facilities, which can be used for reference and imitation, just like looking in the mirror. However, in Beijing, a cultural and artistic center, the blooming of a hundred flowers is its own uniqueness.

photography by © Weiqi Jin

In the practice of design, we will be the space inside the wall material combined with direct space shaping technique, can hope for building the internal space of the “water” into the soul, and a dialogue with existing building a strong relationship, this kind of conversation is not only between the building and space, we hope is between people.

Making the public space look like “unfinished to be continued” makes people feel an unprecedented experience, resulting in a state of “streaking”, which depicts the whole space in a rough way.

photography by © Weiqi Jin

In order to achieve this “experience”, we tried to reduce the space to create a space like a blank canvas, bringing light and shadow into it.

In this way, we created a kind of atmosphere and hoped that it could give people a kind of shocking power, even if it did not bring people a friendly feeling.

photography by © Weiqi Jin

Project Info:
Architects: AML Design studio
Location: Yanqing, China
Area: 707 m²
Project Year: 2020
Photographs: Weiqi Jin
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