Cloud Foam Landscape Kohei Nawa

The Japanese artist Kohei Nawa has created a new spatial installation definig space with borders. It looks like a foam bath. Or another visual proposal could be a cloud landscape. Others could see it as a still sculpture of a flood. I’ll go more for the second proposal.

Arch2o-Cloud Foam Landscape   kohei nawa  (7)

Courtesy of Kohei Nawa

Although you’ll be walking on the ground, you will feel the fluidity, the fragility and transparency that lies within the stiffness of the material used. When the sky meets the ground, that’s a proposal of what could happen. As if the structure is floating creating zones disregarding the human structure elements that are reduced in just walls, floor and ceiling. That’s a new type of space with a new spatial character.

Arch2o-Cloud Foam Landscape   kohei nawa  (2)

Courtesy of Kohei Nawa

Creativity- Infinity ! I imagine if I went there, what would I want to experience, or see. Because of just looking to the pictures I feel myself in a whole different world of white and black, porous white and black. The great thing about this installation and about art in general is that each one of us would experience it in a different way because art can be seen with more than one eye, more than one perspective, more than one feeling.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Kohei Nawa

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