Christchurch NZ cardboard cathedral | Shigeru Ban Architects

Shigeru Ban Architects has received public recognition due to his transitional cardboard cathedral in earthquake-devastated Christchurch. In the wake of a 6.3 earthquake the gothic revival church was destroyed beyond repair, needing urgent replacement, Ban was commissioned to create a temp construction; he proposed a simple A-frame construction that can hold up to 700 people.

Photography By Bridgit Anderson

The structure is made of 600mm (24inch) diameter cardboard tubes that are coated with waterproof polyurethane and flame retardants. The introduction of colored glass adds a beautiful, cheerful and almost mystical air to the building.
It is inspiring to see an architect dedicating time and resources to a temp structure that can, to an extent, as the architects describe; “can become a home.”

Photography By Bridgit Anderson
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